Plastic Containers

125g & 250g plastic containers

125g & 250g plastic containers
The type of product can be identified by its colour band. Plastic containers are prepared in our workshops. Destined for distribution in small, medium and large retail outlets. Enables accurate restocking, the packaging protects the product during handling. The labelling ensures complete traceability and prevents the containers from being tampered with.


Utilisation :
Rinse thoroughly in water mixed with lemon juice, or vinegar to eliminate soil, leaves or sand. Sear over high heat to avoid too much water being released. A recipe suggestion is found on each label.

Storage conditions :
Sensitive to frost and high temperatures. Store at positive temperatures (between 2° and 4°). Stock in the fridge in the original packaging.


Origins :
Indicated on the health label. Several countries of origin are possible, depending on the season. France, Spain, Portugal, Russia, USA, Bulgaria, Sweden.

Net weight :
250gr ou 125gr

Packaging :
Snap-shut plastic containers with specific labelling which includes the lot number, Gencod, company contact details.

Packing :
Crate of 5 or 10 plastic containers

Gencod :
A list of the different Gencod is available.