Cultivated mix


A selection of cultivated mushrooms: white button mushroom, Shiitake (lentinula edodes) and oyster.
Products can be prepared all together or separately. They are easy to prepare and cook. The white or brown button mushroom can be eaten raw or cooked. These varieties can be used in all sorts of dishes such as pasta-based recipes, or risotto.

Utilisation :
Clean thoroughly in water mixed with lemon juice, or vinegar. Sear on high heat to avoid too much water being released.

Storage conditions:
Sensitive to frost and high temperatures. Store at positive temperatures (between 2° and 4°). Stock in the fridge in the original packaging.

Origins :
Poland, Holland and/or France

Net weight :
250gr ou 1Kg

Packaging :
Snap-shut plastic containers or 1kg wooden crate

Packing :
Crate of 5 or 10 plastic containers

Gencod 250gr :
376 009 118 0889

Gencod 1kg :
376 009 118 0896