Asian Mix


A selection of Asian mushrooms or mushrooms used in exotic cooking: Shimeji, enoki,eryngii; Shiitake. (occasionally oyster).
Products can be prepared all together or separately. Use in fresh exotic salads, or in pan-fried dishes. Seared at high temperature in a wok or on a plancha, or even prepared raw and then cooked in a hot broth.

Utilisation :
Rinse thoroughly in water mixed with lemon juice, or vinegar. Separate and discard the mushroom stems (Shimeji and Enoki) using a knife. Sear over high heat to avoid too much water being released.

Sensitive to frost and high temperatures. Store at positive temperatures (between 2° and 4°C). Stock in the fridge in the original packaging. Product keeps well.

Origins :
Korea or China for Enoki, Shimeji and Eryngi. France for Shiitake and oyster (if they are present in the mix)

Net weight :
250gr ou 1Kg.

Packaging :
Snap-shut plastic containers or 1kg wooden crate

Packing :
Crate of 5 or 10 plastic containers

Gencod 250gr :
376 009 118 0919

Gencod 1kg :
376 009 118 0926

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