Zola wrote :

Morphée never scattered her poppies in the market hall.

Morphée never scattered her poppies in the market hall. Once a place of silence, rest, entr’acte, an endless succession of wholesale fish traders to fishmongers to egg sellers, because this is a universal place where all the Paris markets come to purchase their produce.

Robert BUTET


“What surprised me was the sight of some huge pavilions on either side of the street, whose lofty roofs seemed to expand and soar out of sight amidst a swarm of gleams.

I was at Saint Eustache, the bakers and wine merchants were taking down their shutters, and the ruddy shops, with their gas lamps flaring showed like gaps of fire in the gloom, in which grey house-fronts were yet steeped.

Returning to the Rue Rivoli,
I watched out for the porters coming and going on all sides on their way to offload their wares to new owners.

It had become my habit to take the Rue Sauval where I squeezed through the trolleys waiting to be loaded, and enjoyed a chat with Charles, a “fort des halles” his head always covered by his imposing white broad-brimmed hat which protected him from the bad weather, a black jerkin around his shoulders, he was part of the fruit and vegetable team, his size was no equal to his kindness.

A little further on I would find Robert, a merchant specialising in white button mushrooms, where I was now in the habit of buying, without much bargaining, this expensive product. These memories of the past never fade.”

These memories of the past never fade :

The relocation of Rungis in 1969, the problems of adaptation, the change in surroundings, the absence of street noise, we had become orphans of our mother capital…

In 1985 the BUTET company was transferred to its right-hand man, Serge PERICHON, and has become a family-run business with the same values that the esteemed and respected name (BUTET) has always been associated with since 1912 : those of quality!

With time and the changes in eating habits, the company’s range has developed, and today covers a range of wild, cultivated and Asian mushrooms, dried and frozen, baby vegetables, sprouts and shoots, edible flowers, asparagus, tomatoes, truffles, and old varieties of vegetables.

A dynamic team led by Olivier PERICHON now works with a diverse portfolio of customers, including wholesalers, famous delicatessens, restaurants, local authorities and supermarkets.

Export makes up 20% of BUTET’s turnover, and its reputation continues to spread.